A Brampton installment loan is a great option, because you can often obtain more flexible terms than other forms of credit. As an example, your interest rate will probably be much lower than that of a credit card.

Additionally, a Brampton installment loan has fixed payments. You never need to worry about what’s happening with interest rates and you know precisely when you’ll pay off your loan. Plus, the process is very easy when you choose a good online lender.

A Brampton installment loan is also available for many uses. The following are just a few ways they can help you in your life.

Consolidate Your Debt

If you’re juggling payments on many credit cards, a Brampton installment loan could help you. Just apply for a loan to pay off everything and make one payment instead.

This not only makes your life a lot simpler, but can also boost your credit score if you’ve only ever used revolving credit, such as credit cards. Both credit reporting agencies appreciate when borrowers manage various forms of credit well. Credit mix accounts for up 10% of your overall credit score.

Additionally, choosing a Brampton installment loan rather than credit cards means you don’t pay extra interest on your unpaid balances. Instead, every payment includes a portion towards the outstanding amount and a portion towards interest until you reach your loan end date.

Home Improvements

Many lenders offer home improvement loans, but there’s a catch – they put a lien against your property so they’re sure to get their money back.

Home equity loans might be easy, but they also unnecessarily put a valuable asset at risk. Luckily, this does not come into play with a Brampton installment loan. Approval rests on your income, not the property itself.

If you are looking to do small repairs or renovations on your home, you’ll be happy to know that a good lender may offer as much as $15,000. That’s enough to remodel a bathroom, install stone countertops in the kitchen, or even paint your home, inside and out.

Major Purchase

A Brampton installment loan makes it easy to buy an expensive item, without resorting to credit cards. You can borrow what you need to buy a used car, boat, motorcycle, or RV, without saving for a deposit.

Need a new refrigerator, laptop, or television? No problem – just choose the amount, leave your savings intact, and pay manageable monthly payments.

Pay for Medical Expenses

Canada’s healthcare system doesn’t cover everything. Many procedures and treatments aren’t considered “necessary” or they haven’t worked their way through the system yet.

If you want or need medical care that the government won’t pay for, you’ll need to pay for it yourself. The problem is that it’s usually very expensive and most people can’t easily pay out-of-pocket.

Luckily, a Brampton installment loan can provide funds for whatever care you choose. Whether it is traveling to Mexico for a facelift or paying for new eyeglasses, a Brampton installment loan can help.

Take a Trip

After years of being cooped up, it’s not surprising you want to travel. However, prices have risen and your dream trip will cost more.

Luckily, a Brampton installment loan lets you lock in current prices, because you can book and pay straightway. Plus, you can make your scheduled regular payments and reduce your balance before you even board your plane, cruise ship, or train.

Some people choose a short repayment term so they can pay off their loan well before it’s vacation time. When it’s time to go, all they need is their spending money.

Get Married!

Yes, venues are open and many people are eager to marry. However, weddings are notoriously expensive. Plus, prices are climbing quickly due to inflation and supply chain challenges. Consequently, it will cost you more if you don’t book now.

A Brampton installment loan can provide funds so you can book your venue, buy rings, a wedding dress, and tux. Don’t forget you’ll need money for the caterer, invitations, flowers, and your honeymoon. Luckily, you will pay an affordable payment that makes all your expenses much more manageable.

Handle an Emergency

Life can throw you a curve ball when you least expect it. Perhaps your car needs major repairs or a relative or friend needs your financial support. Maybe you need to attend a funeral on the other side of the country, or world.

Whatever the case, you can’t ignore the problem. You need money quickly to handle your urgent need. Luckily, a Brampton installment loan can provide funds for an emergency.

Choose repayment terms that suit your life. If you want to enjoy affordable payments, a good lender usually offers up to 5-years to repay. If you decide you want to pay your Brampton installment loan offer quicker, it is isn’t a problem if the lender offers an “open” loan, because it does not involve prepayment penalties.

Fund Your Small Business

Many entrepreneurs with great ideas give up their dreams, because traditional banks make it almost impossible to get a loan. They want to see a long financial history, stability, strong credit, financial statements, and more.

This is unfortunate, since many people don’t have years of financial history or pristine credit. However, they earn a steady income and could easily repay a loan.

Luckily, qualifying for a Brampton installment loan can primarily rest on your income. A good lender will look at your credit, but it won’t be their only consideration.

As a result, if you can show that you’ve earned a steady income from the same source over the past three months, you could qualify for a Brampton installment loan.

Moving Expenses

We live in a world where few people spend their entire lives in the same place. We move for work, better housing, or a different lifestyle. Yet, traditional lenders often penalize those that move. They’re deemed unstable and less creditworthy and it can be difficult to get a loan, never mind one for moving expenses.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case when you choose the right Brampton installment loan. Borrow to pay for moving expenses, supplies, and deposits and furniture at your new home.

A Brampton Installment Loan Through FlexMoney

FlexMoney makes borrowing easy, no matter your reason. We believe everyone appreciates simplicity, transparency, and honesty.

Consequently, we make the borrowing process as simple and quick as possible. Here’s why we offer a better loan than our competitors.

Fast Application Process

Apply for your Brampton installment loan at any time from any device. Most people can complete our application form in less than 15-minutes.

Digital Income Verification

We will never ask you for a copy of your pay stub, a letter from your employer, or an income statement from your accountant. We use digital income verification through authorized bank statements of your direct deposits.

Quick Decision

We won’t leave you hanging. Our artificial intelligence assessment of your application occurs within minutes. If you are pre-approved, you’ll see our terms immediately. There’s no obligation to accept and the process does not impact your credit score.

Open Loan

We don’t hide unnecessary fees in the fine print. Our Brampton installment loan is “open”. Pay extra at any time without penalty. We do not charge you a fee for setting up your account either.

Digital Contract Signing

Our process is 100% digital. We will never ask you to visit an office, even when it comes time to sign your loan contract.

Straightforward Requirements

Unlike other lenders, FlexMoney is happy to reveal our requirements for our Brampton installment loan upfront. We know your time is valuable.

  • Canadian citizen
  • At least 20-years old
  • Minimum net monthly income of $2,000 from the same source for at least three months (we consider income from employment, self-employment, pensions, and other steady income streams)
  • Active account with a Canadian financial institution showing at least three months of transactions
  • Paid by direct deposit
  • Active cellphone or home telephone number
  • Valid email address to confirm your identity

Sorry, we can’t consider your application if your income source is Employment Insurance or COVID-19 relief benefits. Please do not apply if you’re currently enrolled in an active bankruptcy, consumer proposal, or credit counselling program either.

Fast Funds Release

Our Brampton installment loan can deliver funds the same or next business day, depending on when you apply. If you need a definitive time, one of our Canadian customer service representatives can help you.

We offer a toll-free number, Ontario business hours, chat, email, and website support. You can also find answers to many of your questions on our FAQ page.

Find Out More

Whether you want to start the application process or would like more information, please visit our website. We also offer more details on our online personal loans here.

Our Brampton installment loan makes borrowing easy. Discover why so many Ontarians choose us for their loans.