Easy Canadian online loans can offer better terms than many other credit products. For instance, most people can obtain one at a lower interest rate than a credit card.

Additionally, the best easy Canadian online lines do not require collateral to back them. This means the lender never puts a lien against your valuable car or home.

As well, these loans have fixed payments, making repayment straightforward. You can budget for the expense and choose your payment frequency too. Normally, this aligns with the date you receive your income.

Finally, the best easy Canadian online loans can be utilized for many purposes. The following are just a few ways easy Canadian online loans can help you.

Debt Consolidation

For those juggling multiple credit card payments and other small debts, easy Canadian online loans make sense. The lender grants you a lump sum payment to clean the slate.

Instead of paying high interest and constantly worrying about whether you’ve missed a payment, you pay one set payment with a single lender. You also know precisely when you will pay off your loan and you don’t pay compound interest. Every payment pays a portion towards interest, and reduces your balance.

Even though easy Canadian online loans can simplify your finances, you’ll want to check the details carefully. Lenders and loans vary greatly. One thing you should certainly check is whether the lender charges an “origination fee”. This is just a fancy term for an administrative cost levied to set up your account.

This fee can range between 0.5 and 8% of your total loan cost. It is deducted from your loan amount straight off the top. Basically, if you want to borrow a certain amount, you’re forced to borrow more to compensate for this fee. You will also pay interest on the extra amount you borrow.

Luckily, the best easy Canadian online loans do not charge you this fee. It is totally unnecessary as the lender should absorb it as a normal cost of doing business.

Home Renovations

Certainly, most lenders offer loans to renovate a home. However, almost all depend on the equity you have in your property. As a result, they will place a lien against it to ensure they’re repaid.

Many homeowners aren’t comfortable with this arrangement. Fortunately, easy Canadian online loans can provide you with cash for renovations, without the hassle and restrictions involved in applying for a home equity loan.

Easy Canadian online loans can offer penalty-free prepayment too. This is not the case with all lenders, so check the fine print. If they mention a prepayment or early payment penalty, you’ll want to avoid them.

Buy a Major Item

Easy Canadian online loans are a great choice if you want to buy a major item. As mentioned, they’re a better choice than most credit cards since they offer regular payments and often better terms.

If you don’t want to use your savings or credit card to buy a new appliance or computer, these loans can be a viable option. Your loan can offer small, manageable payments and leave your savings intact. Plus, you can borrow the full amount for a used car, boat, motorcycle, or RV, instead of needing a deposit.

Pay for Travel & Medical Procedures

Now that travel has started up again, you may be itching to explore. Of course, travel is expensive and you may not want to pay for everything immediately out-of-pocket.

Luckily, easy Canadian online loans can provide funds for your dream trip now. Many people find they can pay off their loan, before they even board the plane, cruise ship, or luxury train.

Medical tourism is now a booming business too. You can combine your love of travel with whatever medical treatments you desire. Fly to Mexico and get dental implants. Travel to Thailand for plastic surgery. Sail the high seas for pleasure and whatever medical treatments you need. It is all within reach through easy Canadian online loans.

Pay for Your Wedding

Many couples wanted to marry during the pandemic, but it wasn’t possible. Now restrictions are lifting and bookings have resumed. However, weddings are very expensive, even if you choose to keep it simple.

Booking a venue, buying rings and a wedding dress, and catering and flowers are all costly. You may also need to send out invitations, book hotels and flights, and more.

Fortunately, easy Canadian online loans can make these expenses much more manageable. You can book everything when needed and pay affordable, equal payments. After all, who needs stress when this is supposed to be one of the greatest moments of your life?

Get Through a Tough Time

Everyone has times in their life when things do go as smoothly as hoped. Regrettably, traditional lenders aren’t always willing to grant you a loan when you need money the most.

Some people struggle to get loans, because they’ve moved in recent years. Others can’t obtain credit, since they’ve started a new job. Still others switched banks, only to discover lenders highly-value banking stability.

Luckily, it is possible to get through a rough patch with the help of easy Canadian online loans. They have fewer exacting requirements and don’t place as much emphasis on stability either.

In reality, if you earned a steady net monthly income of at least $2,000 for the past three months, chances are you could qualify.

Deal with an Emergency

One thing the pandemic has proven is that no one knows what might happen. Anyone can suddenly find they must deal with an unplanned event. This could be anything from a major car repair to a funeral.

Whatever the case, one thing is certain – you need to deal with it now. Fortunately, easy Canadian online loans can provide you money to handle an urgent need.

You can choose the loan term that suits your finances too. Good lenders often offer up to five years to repay. If you want to pay extra or pay off your loan you can, providing the lender does not charge a prepayment penalty.

Start a Business

Do thoughts of working for yourself consume you? Are you tired of working for someone else or afraid you’ll lose your job? Unless you have a solid banking and financial history, excellent credit, and positive financial statements, a traditional lender isn’t going to offer you a loan.

Luckily, if you’re a potential entrepreneur, easy Canadian online loans could help. They don’t depend as heavily on credit and have shorter stability requirements too. Creditworthiness is based on your current position.

If you’ve earned a steady income from the same source over the past three months, you could qualify for seed money for your business venture.

Moving Expenses

Many Canadians are on the move due to changes in the work and housing markets. It is too expensive to live in some areas or the region doesn’t offer good employment opportunities.

Whatever the case, moving can cost a bundle. Renting a truck or hiring a mover is expensive. Plus, you need to pay for moving supplies and deposits at your new location. You may also need new furniture for your new home.

Luckily, Easy Canadian online loans can provide the capital you need. Moving is stressful enough, without draining your bank account just to get to where you need to be.

Easy Canadian Online Loans Through FlexMoney

Not all lenders offer easy Canadian online loans. Fortunately, FlexMoney makes the process as simple and quick as possible, and we offer great products.

If you’re considering a loan, here’s what we offer and why we’re a better choice than the competition.

Easy Application Process

Our application form usually takes people less than 15 minutes to complete. You can apply at any time from any device.

We will never ask you to provide a copy of your pay stub or ask you to come into an office to sign your loan documents. Our process is 100% digital.

Easy Loan Requirements

FlexMoney is a transparent lender. As a result, here are our basic loan requirements beforehand so you can determine whether or not you might qualify:

  • Canadian citizen
  • At least 20-years old
  • Steady income from the same source for at least three months
  • Minimum net monthly income of $2,000
  • Paid by direct deposit
  • Active cellphone or home telephone number
  • Valid email address to confirm your identity

We consider applications based on regular income, self-employed income, Canadian Pension Program (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS), and income from other private and public pension programs.

Sorry, we can’t consider your application if you’re receiving Employment Insurance (EI), Disability Benefits, Canada Child Benefit, Student Aid or COVID-19 relief benefits. Please do not apply if you’re currently enrolled in an active bankruptcy, consumer proposal, or credit counselling program either.

Easy Review Process

Our artificial intelligence review provides us with a good overview of your current position. We do not have a minimum credit score requirement, but we will check your credit. However, our soft credit inquiry will not impact your credit score. It is simply part of our pre-approval process.

We’ll let you know within minutes whether you’re pre-approved. At this time, we also provide you with your interest rate and loan terms. You are under no obligation to accept, but it is easy to move forward if you choose. FlexMoney does not charge an origination fee or levy prepayment penalties.

Easy Funds Release

Depending on the time of day we receive your signed loan application and your financial institution’s business hours; our easy Canadian online loans can deliver funds the same day or the next morning.

Find Out More

Easy Canadian online loans are just that – easy! You can start the application process now by visiting our website. We also answer commonly asked questions there. FlexMoney also has a toll-free number if you want to talk to a real person. Finally, we offer detailed information on our installment loans here.